Wearing a Wig as Your Next Protective Hair Style

Wearing a Wig as Your Next Protective Hair Style

Anyone trying to grow long, strong locks knows that protective styles are an important aspect of your “long hair, don’t care” regimen. As much as we love showing off our kinks and curls, it’s important to give your hair a break as well, especially during the colder, dryer months. This means, of course, protective styles! And what better protective style than a wig? (From House of Zettie to be precise!) Not only do they give you a break from doing your hair all the time, but they are also low manipulation and a fun way of switching up your look. If you’re deciding whether a wig should be your next protective style, keep reading! Here are three reasons why wigs are the mother of all protective styles.

  1. Cost-effective
    While you might think that a wig will break the bank, there are actually so many different kinds on the market, you can choose one that fits your budget, especially with the wide range of affordable wigs at House of Zettie! While synthetic wigs might be cheaper initially, the premium, human hair route is best for longevity. While it might seem like the pricier option initially, well-made and well-cared for human hair wigs can last you years! This means that with each wear, you are getting back value on your investment.
  1. Easy Installation

Depending on what kind of person you are, you might decide to get your wig professionally installed, or opt to install it yourself at home. Both are viable options, although if you’re a first time wig-wearer, it might be better to get it put in by a professional at least at first. Either way though, the installation time is much shorter than your typical sew-in, braids or most other protective styles, saving you lots of time at home or in the salon.

  1. Versatile

New wig, who this? Since wigs are so easy install, it’s super easy to wear a different one whenever you feel like it. You could literally be a whole new person every day of the week if you wanted to. This means that wigs are ideal for those who like to try out new styles or switch up their hair often. Wigs are also great because you can still care for your hair underneath without the hassle of actually doing your hair every day! House of Zettie has high-quality hair extensions with a wide variety of wigs, including silk-based closures, lace closures, lace frontals and much, much more!

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